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Pictures from my trip to Milano in February and March 2003

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Milano February-March 2003: Stian with pigeons on his arm.

Milano February-March 2003: Stian standing in front of the beautiful "Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele".

Milano February-March 2003: The weather was lovely during the entire trip.

Milano February-March 2003: If you step on the bulls noble parts it is supposed to bring you good luck.

Milano February-March 2003: The backside of the "Duomo" Cathedral.

Milano February-March 2003: Stian again with pigeons on a piazza in Milano.

Milano February-March 2003: "Ok, I can take a picture with the pigeons myself then."

Milano February-March 2003: The worlds most famous theatre and opera, "La Scala" in the background.

Milano February-March 2003: One of the many impressing sculptures inside "Il Duomo".

Milano February-March 2003: The view of "La Madonnina" on top of the "Duomo" is best from the roof of the Cathedral.

Milano February-March 2003: The famous "Torre Velasca" is also best seen from the roof of "Il Duomo".

Milano February-March 2003: Looking down on the "Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele".

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: Stian inside the San Siro Stadium in Milano.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: The stadium was an impressing sight.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: 75 000 spectators were present for the big clash.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: Only the Nou Camp stadium in Barcelona has a bigger capacity in Europe.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: The atmosphere inside the stadium was fantastic.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: The game was entertaining, but ended with a 0-0 draw.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: We sat high up on the stands, but we had an extremely good view of the game.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: Stian following the game.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: We never got tired to stare on the overwhelming mass of people present.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: The Inter fans were angry at not managing to win the game.

Inter-Barcelona 0-0: Stian inside the stadium after the game had ended and much of the crowd had left.

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